Saturday, May 9, 2009

Where could that battery charger have gone?

I cannot find the battery charger for the camera!
I have looked all week, but I must finally conclude that:
A:  Enemy forces are onto me.... my battery has been stolen!  (Highly unlikely seeing as I am only a Super Secret Super Spy to my kids who will believe anything!)
B:  My husband wants to buy me a new camera and so he has hidden the battery, thereby inducing in me a state of near hysteria so that he can enjoy the ultimate heroic moment and save the day!
C:  The baby, who shall remain nameless, has thrown it away, put it somewhere, or buried it. Bad Jack!  Bad, bad baby!

I'm hoping for B!!!  So, here's the last little bit my camera had to give before it started beeping in a kind of creepy manner and then eerily fell silent...

This has got to be the cutest swimsuit, evah!

Sam's Zoo - Pedestrians Beware

All out love-fest with Baby Selah!

You'll never guess what the girls want for Christmas..
What, a baby, you say?
Man, however did you guess?

Lil' Dude in underpants!
And no, he won't let go.  Every picture looks like that.

And now... 
Life Without a Camera, otherwise referred to as, 
 How I Lost My Ever-Lovin' Mind, A Mom in Crisis

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