Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nap in a Lap

Could be the last time I hold one of my children while they sleep.
There ought to be a Hallmark card for moments like this.
Something weepy and sentimental...
nothing like what really went down.

"Hey, Mom, what's for dinner?" asked by older child who obviously does not appreciate this MOMENT I'm having.  I say nothing.  I shut my eyes.  I try to block out the noise of EVERYONE ELSE and cherish my baby, these are the times that fly by so fast for crying out loud.  Then I notice that even though another adult is actually in the room, I don't hear anyone else volunteering to put food on the table.  Is it possible that no one notices this MOMENT???  So I throw subtle out the window and announce, "This could be the last time I hold one of my children while they sleep!"  They stare at me like I'm speaking Farsi, I can tell they are wondering if that statement somehow translates to, "I'm making dinner in a jiffy!"  Know when you're beaten.  "Could you at least take a picture for me?"  Sulk in the kitchen while I make dinner and watch everyone have fun playing tag in the yard, even the baby that was so MINE just a few moments before.  Ain't no Hallmark card for that scenario.

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