Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sometimes pictures are deceiving

It was so nerve-racking to look for a house.  The first one we saw when we got to Virginia was the one we liked best... till we saw it and wondered where the other 1000 sq.ft. was located.  It was so much smaller than our house, but it was listed as 300 sq.ft. larger!  It was a realtor's definition of "cozy"!  Crazy...  So we drove around bummed out that maybe square footage was calculated on a smaller foot here in Virginia and spied out all the other homes on our list.  Not happy times.  Too old, too small, too ugly, come on now-- is this for real?  What are people thinking?  There is guesstimate and then there is deception or insanity.  Either way, it didn't look like renting was going to be an option.  Then we drove by the first house we looked at online and it looked promising from the outside.  We met a realtor while we were out cruising for homes and decided that if the Wakefield house didn't deliver, we would have to think about buying and renovating... not exactly what we were planning on spending our free time on!  After about five minutes in the house we were practically beaming, I'm sure.  It was big enough and renovated enough and in a great area of Alexandria AND we could afford it!  Happiness all around.  Woo-hoo!  And trees, my goodness, big ol' beautiful trees!  Can't wait to move!

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