Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Sam was pretty much in seventh heaven to be able to dictate a whole day to his liking! He certainly deserves a wonderful birthday, our little comedian and noise machine! Here he is blowing out his six tie-dye candles on his fudge-chocolate cake. He insisted on homemade strawberry ice-cream... I'm sure his dad didn't influence him one bit!

There really must be a recession going on because Target, Walmart and Amazon were out of toys! Usually we take the non-birthday kids to Target and let them shop, but this year... nothing was left on the shelves. So we drove the 40 minutes to the uber-trendy mall and the boys picked out gifts from the Lego Store, which very wisely was stocked to the ceiling and busy as always! Both Kaden and Sam thought it was pretty wonderful!

Sam's cool Phoenix Zoo t-shirt from Grandma and Grandpa. He proudly wore it over his clothes and thought it was the best shirt ever!

The thrill of cash when you are six is really beyond words!

Lego Indiana Jones for Wii. Happy boy. Happy, happy boy. And I resisted the urge to buy him the Indiana Jones costume to play in... memories of his last "cowboy" birthday were still a bit fresh!

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