Monday, March 23, 2009

A Quilt in a Week?

Abby found this "Dora the Explorer" fabric when we were at Hobby Lobby and she just had to have it!  She is so my girl!  And she knows what she wants... a Dora purse.  Sure, I can swing that, right.  I've been sewing for a couple of months, I'll just whip out a purse!  Well, it's just a modified tote, but it only took half an hour and she is happy, happy, happy!  Good mama moment.

On to more pressing issues, I am determined to make a baby quilt, even if it turns out so hideous that I never gift it at all!  I bought all the fabric and cut out the squares for the ragged square quilt.  I hope to give it to Stacia this Sunday before we leave town.  Can I possibly finish my first "complete" quilt in one week?  Sure hope so!!

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