Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We were so close...

Well, up until yesterday, Florida was a sure thing.  Today the orders came out and we are going to D.C., again.  Keesler Dude decided last minute to take FL instead of the Academy.  Really want to dislike that guy.  Anyway, Scott and I are flying up to Maryland to find a home next weekend instead of driving the family to Phoenix for Easter vacation.  Mom and Dad are flying here to take care of the kids for us.  Only incredible grandparents would do this, they are that wonderful!  The kids are disappointed about Phoenix, excited about Grandma and Grandpa coming, Sad about Florida and thrilled about D.C.  I was heart-broken about Florida.  I was pretty steamed as well. It didn't last long, there is just too much to do.  I'm so grateful that God changed our hearts about Germany!  It really would have been a blow to know we were off to Germany and then have it come crashing down last night when the civilian FINALLY decided he did want the assignment. Seriously, who needs this much drama!  There is a lot to look forward to in D.C.  I'm looking forward to finding a house and FOUR days alone with my hubby, what will that be like???  Baby number six?  Bite your tongue!

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