Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day 10 - Hey, It's My Birthday!

Today I am thirty-four!

Looks good enough to eat, and it was, oh, it was!

Looks like Sam's bringing me the "mother" of all surprise birthday gifts...

Oh, it is so wonderfully pretty!  Is it appropriate to hug purses?
It must be in this case!  Wow, this is such big love!!!

Here I am, older and fashionably accessorized!
The necklace is from Scott, ala Etsy (ahh!)
and the shirt is from Jim and Lynne... thank you so much, it fits great!
I also am now proud owner of my own copy of Apples for Jam, my favorite cook book.
Maybe because it's easy on the cook and big on the inspiration.
I had a wonderful day!

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