Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 4 - Lawn Antics

I love this picture of Jack and Abby running down the hill at church,

and this picture of Abby, growing up right in front of me...

These two photos just crack me up.  
The kids have stumbled upon some dead animal on the front lawn.  
In the first picture, Chloe the Fearless is delicately nudging it with her 
mary-jane while her peer, Nathaniel, looks on and Noah runs away.  
But see how she changes when the big boys arrive for a look-see?  
In the presence of Joshua, who is almost 10 for crying out loud, 
she is the demure and shocked little lady of storybook fame.  Oh my!  
Notice how the big boys brought their sticks?  
What were they planning to do?  Kill it?  
I especially like how Sam looks so unkempt... 
is it just my son or can no boy keep his pants over his cowboy boots?

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