Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sam is Five!

Oh, my goodness, how did you get to be so big?  Sam, my little guy.  Sam, who was such a great surprise.  Sam, who fills my heart with big love.  Oh, Sam, you are now officially a hand-full!  So, here's to you, Super-Sam!

Sam, at five:
  • You really love Shamu!  You must have at least a dozen orcas!
  • Your favorite color is green.
  • You can't wait to learn to read.
  • You love numbers.  You love your chance at Flashmaster.
  • You are so funny!  You have perfect comedic timing!
  • You talk like a baby sometimes and it drives us crazy, and that's why you do it!
  • Transformers and Bionicles are so cool!
  • You are thrifty with your money.
  • You love your Sunday School class.
  • You eat a lot!  Breakfast is probably your favorite meal.  
  • Chocolate chip cookies are your favorite treat.
  • You can dribble a basketball for a long time!
  • You want to play for the Phoenix Suns some day.
  • You don't want to have more than 19 children.
  • You like cars and motorcycles and monster trucks.
  • You love knock-knock jokes.
  • Sometimes it's tough being the middle kid.  Sometimes it's really tough!
I love you, my sweet Sam.  I love the little guy you were and the big boy you are becoming.  I love to tell you about the day you were born, how you shot out of my tummy like a rocket so unexpectedly.  You love to think of yourself doing that.  I love to remember what an amazing baby you were, how my heart grew so many sizes when I first knew you.  I love to think of the man you will be one day.  I love to remember that you were held on angel's wings when you fell out your bedroom window and didn't get hurt at all.  I love being your Mom.  I thank God for you every day and I always will!

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